FMCSA Recommends New Regulations for Truckers Taking Prescription Drugs

Columbus, OH-In a round of safety recommendations that are likely to ruffle the feathers of the trucking industry, doctors advising the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration urged the agency to keep truck drivers taking narcotic prescriptions off the roads.

The latest recommendations is one among several to emerge from the FMCSA, as the agency sets its priorities for 2015 and could mean sweeping changes for the trucking industry.

Currently, truck drivers who take prescription narcotics are allowed to drive as long as they are being monitored by a physician, but the FMCSA Medical Review Board believes these drugs often used to treat pain or attention deficit disorder are posing a danger on the nation’s roads.

In a study conducted by the FMCSA medical board found that the use of opioids, a common ingredient in pain killers, and stimulants used treat ADHD disorders increase crash risk among the drivers taking these drugs.

According to the report, opioid use affects a driver’s abilities by causing drowsiness, slowing reaction times. Overtime as use continues, a truck driver can build up a tolerance and require higher and higher doses to get the pain relieving effects. In the report the panel wrote they believe “conditions requiring chronic opioid treatment may be incompatible with the routine successful completion of driving tasks.” The crash risk in regards to opioid use increased as the driver’s dosage increased.

As for stimulants, the panel didn’t see any increase in crash risk after taking the prescription, the increased risk came as the drug waned an individual’s system. The panel suggested that drivers taking prescriptions for ADHD need to be monitored closely.

The panel recommended further studies about the effects of prescription drugs for commercial truck drivers, but urged the FMCSA to tighten up the rules pertaining to prescription drugs. The medical panel, according to trucking info recommended that doctors give truck drivers seeking medical clearance a questionnaire about their prescription drug use. This raises concerns in the trucking industry that doctors will err on the side of caution, and more and more truck drivers may be disqualified from driving because of their prescription drugs. Or, the industry says, truckers will deny themselves medications they need so they can continue to work.

In fairness intoxicated driving is relatively rare among truck drivers. Data from the NHTSA indicates that less than one percent of truck accidents are caused by an intoxicated driver, but when it happens it can have devastating consequences for the driver and their victims.

Operating a large truck under the influence of any substance whether it is alcohol, marijuana or stimulants is strictly forbidden by law and not only is the truck liable if there are any resulting injuries, but the trucking accident they work for and the truck owner can be held accountable for the accident.

If you have been injured by an intoxicated truck driver, it is critical you call an Ohio truck accident attorney immediately so they can begin gather evidence to bolster your injury claim. They will do work hard on your case to ensure the responsible parties pay for causing harm to you or your loved one.




Business Cards: Your Most Important Marketing Tool [Infographic]

Some people disagree that business-cards are factors of the past. Nevertheless, anywhere you go there’s always someone who comes and will be offering you business card that is her or his. You’ve better have anyone to give in exchange! In this infographic we include the following issues: the real history of the business card; how-to produce a tagline that your clients and customers can recall; guidelines concerning images; and, how to design a successful business card submission strategy to increase your network. An infographic with helpful information and beautifully made.

Source: allBcards.com


Tiffany’s CEO Is Going To Be Succeeded by Recent President

Ceo Michael Kowalski will step-down in 2015 after more than 15 years operating the true luxury jeweler, passing the reins to President Frederic Cumenal.

Kowalski will surrender the CEO job on April 1, while staying to the board as chairman, the Newyork -based business stated in a statement. The 62-year old, who began at Tiffany in 1983, became CEO in 1999.

Cumenal was broadly viewed as Kowalski’s heir, David Schick wrote in a note to clients today. The handover presents the jeweler, that updating merchants and has been adding fresh designs to be invigorated by a speed of management’s strategy, he explained.

“Mr. Kowalski, we consider, recognized putting freshness (including Mr. Cumenal himself) was vital,” Schick published. “It’s difficult (but powerful) for successful organizations or models to admit they don’t have it all thought out.”

Schick proposes purchasing the shares.

David Schick His responsibilities had been already expanding before today’s story. He was called leader a year ago after joining the business in 2011 as vice president of sales and circulation and his duties were widened to include advertising, retailing and design.

We are going to proceed to work together to make sure a seamless transition, and Cumenal is ideally suited to ensure success me as CEO,” Kowalski explained inside the declaration.

Tiffany, the world’s minute-biggest luxury jewelry chain, has been able to weather a larger retail slump by serving an clientele to spend. That’s let rates are raised by the firm and raise its income. In May, Tiffany submitted firstquarter profits that improved its prediction for your year and realized analysts’ estimates.


Accommodations in Singapore – Find a Few of The Greatest Airport that is Near

Singapore’s country is famous not only for its alluring picture moments but also for its higher development chart, whether it’s man-made or normal, value hotel thomson singapore Based at Malay Peninsula, this can be supposed to be the world’s port; the united states actually deals with multiple-race.

A better travel system, traveling edifices, a blend of tradition and wonderful profession platform- Singapore is probably the most soughtafter destinations in the world. Consequently, increase of visitor is growing respectively annually. But, while reaching for this complicated country, tourist desire accommodation in hotels, that are not best unsuitable with their desires. Often, individuals choose for housing that is not imperfect in accordance with their approach although nonetheless, Singapore accommodations are considered a number of the best in the whole tourist world. Many of them are situated and you could find a great deal of hotels in Singapore in and around airport too. These hotels can be found in virtually every selection including luxurious housing, budget accommodations and smell hotels in Singapore.

Besides motel inside Singapore airport campus, some finest accommodations are situated at famous orchard path shopping centre. These hotels offer great environment to have relaxed. An impeccable food and impressive inside is the USP of the accommodations while in- net, swimming pool, mouth-watering delicacies, residence gym and cable TV service, including mini bars in a totally air condition setting is another temptation.

Singapore value hotel thomson can be a significant enterprise center as well as a preferred tourist destination. Thus, voyagers and business-client from all around the globe stage inside Singapore. To grab their heart and proffer them a service that starts from their first-step in Singapore property. To create it prosperous, International airport of the nation provides numerous eyecatching hotels. A number of the most gorgeous resorts are located near Singapore airport. Changi Village- A Far East Motel, Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel, Perak Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore Carlton Resort may also be contained in the set of accommodations near Singapore airport. You’re able to reach to these using monorails, if you arrived at final a few.

Hotels near Singapore Airport are also connected to Devices 1 and 2 with a monorail system. Guests-only need to accomplish Terminal 3 to be able to like a wide selection of public transportation and eateries, outlets, which easily links one to the rest of Singapore. These hotels are modern hotels, which possess best of creating appeal. Besides a interior, its delicacies, inhouse gymnasium, club, children’s pool can also be fascinating.

hotels in singapore is haute in tourist earth as well as the place considers a of 1000s of globetrotters annually. In searching for a motel away from airport many don’t want to waste their moment. As the perfect hotel, hotels near Singapore airport are obtained for visitors.


Coffee Makers

Now a days people are mostly fond of drinking coffee rather than drinking tea. A sweet cup of coffee can make you morning good but it depends on whether it is a programmable coffee maker, thermal or personal coffee maker. First sip of coffee is really very enjoyable therefore everybody prefers to get a sip of coffee in the morning to make their day really enjoyable. It not only makes you fresh but also reduces your stress.

In that case coffee makers play a vital role to enhance you refreshment.  It can make our mind fresh and also make us energetic to perform our duties properly. One can hire different coffee makers directly from shop or other online shop. Coffee makers are now offered with different shapes, design, quality and price. In case of coffee makers built-in-grinder plays an important role to make coffee without bothering you. As each coffee makers offer different quality therefore thermal coffee makers provide you higher quality coffee and also can make your coffee fresh for long time.

Coffee provides you refreshment when you get tired. It is very much important during meeting time, while you are chatting therefore in that case coffee makers save your time and you can easily make coffee without spending so much time in it. Different shapes and design attract the people to buy coffee makers but among them programmable coffee maker is really good as it prepares 12 cup coffee at a time which also reduce one’s time to make coffee and also can get refreshment all the time. For more interesting posts on coffee and expresso machines, check coffee makers global website.


5 Tips for a Better USA Trip

When one visits the US from another country he or she should be aware of some major differences. One should learn useful information about dinning, shopping, lodging, transportation and other important facts to consider. Having the knowledge of the important things you should know before taking a trip to USA will make your trip better and easier. The tips will help you learn on how to cope with the many differences found in this country which includes a size conversion table for clothing. Here are some useful travel tips which will help you during your visit to the United State of America.

· Tipping and Etiquette

Tipping is an expected practice in the USA. It is not mandatory but one is expected to do it especially in most of the bars and restaurant which offer table service. The tipping practice will highly differ depending on which part you are located in this country. There is a recent innovation in most of the restaurant where they have tip jars.

The workers in the bars and restaurant highly depend on the tips and therefore if one is capable of tipping it are good to tip. They are very grateful for any tips received especially when prompt. Some restaurants like the McDonalds do not allow tipping.

· Driving tips

Each state in the USA has different driving laws. In most of the states the speed limit is 65 miles per hour except when the road signs indicate otherwise. Some people may decide to drive at 5mph above the legal limit and the police do not stop them. In many states the radar are the ones who enforce the speed limits.

The minimum age for driving is 16 in most of the states. This may differ in some other state which state that their driving age limit is 18 years. Some rental agencies do not allow to rent a car to someone who is below 25 years of age. The driver, front passengers and children are required to wear seat belts even when they are in the back seat.

· Lodging Tips

There are national hotels in this country which meet the minimum standard for accommodation and services. They provide safe and clean hotel rooms which are well equipped with en- suite bathing facilities, comfortable beds, air conditioning, televisions and many more. These hotels do not have extra amenities but one can get the extra amenities from the other expensive hotels found in the US.

It is easy to reserve a room at any hotel in this country because reservations are done online.

· Shopping Tips

Most tourists who visit the USA for their vacation always go for shopping. There are big shopping malls which are located out in the suburban communities. There are also a lot of department stores which offer

· Dining tips

There is a lot of cooking done in the USA. The fast food restaurants have introduced American style fast food around the world. The fast foods are available all over the USA and are very popular. There is regional cooking which greatly varies from state to state. This type of cooking is greatly influenced by the locally available ingredients.

These are some of the travelling tips that one should know when they are having their vacation in the USA. When one has passed the ESTA and is now eligible to visit this country he or she should take note of these travelling tips.


The Tutorial Values of Barbie Decorate Games

Contrary to popular view, barbie games have their instructional beliefs! This is regardless of the first impression that these online flash games are made for pre-teens and tiny women who want to dress their digital Barbie toys up in gorgeous costumes that are various detailed with bags, sneakers and jewelry. Most parents are shocked regarding the ideals and capabilities that their young kids study from enjoying these flash games for so every day or one hour.

Empowerment for Women

How come belief that is such still common within our community? The guilt might be installed in the feet of Barbie doll detractors whose major point-of argument lies in the seemingly harmful concentrate on the best body – sufficient break, small waist, and feminine sides – and difficult style sensation – one special ensemble for each morning of the season – endorsed by Mattel.

But barbie dress up games not even close to the facts! Young girls encourage to become strengthened women in their later years in numerous ways.

By playing Barbie dressup activities, girls are presented to astronauts, engineers, as well as presidents of these own firms, among others from doctors academics and nurses for the numerous probabilities of their future professions. The Barbie lifestyle as simulated in these expensive games promotes players to call home a completely independent living coupled with great moral ideals, contemporary skillsets, and an effective occupation.

Next, young girls learn from enjoying with these activities that their alternatives are, certainly, aplenty! From their possibilities, be training and it outfits, may decide their future but even when they make mistakes, they can start yet again. Now thatis what we call girls power starting in a age.

Beyond Physical Shows

Admittedly, Barbie dress-up activities are made to let young girls to play around with all shoes, the garments and bags together with hair and makeup of the electronic Barbie toys in order to accomplish the perfect appearance for their heroes. But there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with it sometimes.

At an early on era, girls – and kids, for example – are inspired by their parents when meeting with other folks to check their best particularly. Bear in mind that wanting your very best leads to better self-confidence interacting with others and when assembly. It’s subsequently unsurprising that every parent wishes their kids to place their finest foot forward.

Certainly, pricing your looks goes beyond wanting great itself – it is also about feeling not bad about yourself even yet in combined business. By permitting them to enjoy Barbie dress up games such suitable importance in seeking and feeling good might be nurtured among young girls!

Think about barbie cooking games: By the occasion young girls are ready for your office, they have indications about ideal office wear partially as a result of her fondness for dress-up activities featuring her team and Barbie. This is also true for different functions like social activities, everyday functions, and hot dates where first impressions are often the enduring impacts.


Barbie’s Tutorial Values Dress Up Games

Unlike common view, barbie games have their prices that are educational! This is inspite of the first impression these online flash games are designed for pre-teens and little females who love to dress their virtual Barbie dolls up in various glamorous costumes complete with sneakers, bags. Many parents are amazed concerning capabilities and the ideals from enjoying these flash games for an hourroughly each day that their young kids learn.

Empowerment for Women

Exactly why is belief that is such however widespread within our community? The responsibility might be laid at the toes of Barbie toy detractors whose key point of contention lies in the obviously unhealthy focus on the best body – ample bust, tiny stomach, and female sides – and difficult style sense – one distinctive attire for every evening of the year – endorsed by Mattel.

But barbie dress up games definately not the facts! Barbie promotes young girls to be motivated ladies in their old age in a great number of methods.

By playing Barbie decorate games, young girls are released to astronauts, engineers, as well as presidents of their own corporations, and others from educators, doctors to the numerous probabilities of their potential jobs. The Barbie lifestyle as simulated in these flash games promotes an unbiased existence to reside along with contemporary skillsets a successful career, and superior moral values.

Next, young girls learn from enjoying these games that their options are, certainly, aplenty! Even when they make faults, they are able to start yet again although from their options, be training and it clothes, can ascertain their potential. Sinceis what we contact women power starting in a very young age.

Beyond Physical Appearances

Admittedly, Barbie liven up activities are designed to let girls to experiment with sneakers, the garments and bags in addition to hair of the personal Barbie dolls in order to achieve perfect appearance because of their characters. But there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it both.

At an early age, girls – and guys, for instance – are inspired by their parents to check their utmost specially when meeting with other people. Keep in mind that seeking your very best results in greater selfconfidence when assembly and interacting with others. It’s then not surprising that every parent wants their children to put their finest foot.

Certainly, pricing your physical appearance goes beyond looking not bad itself – it’s also about experience not bad about oneself even yet in combined company. Such correct benefit in experiencing superior and searching may be nurtured among young girls by permitting them to play Barbie dress-up activities!

Contemplate barbie cooking games: By the time girls are ready for that office, they already have hints about proper office-wear partly as a result of her fondness for dress-up activities starring Barbie and her company. This can be also true for different instances like casual parties, social occasions, and warm appointments where first impressions are often the lasting impressions.